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Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm Adrienne. I first started blog-stalking and blog-writing in 2011, but I have had many off and on spurts throughout that time, sometimes abandoning my blog for more than 6 months. My goal is to be more consistent. I really get so much out of reading other blogs and reflecting on my own style. With this blog, I want to be a blessing by offering ideas and resources that help make teacher's work easier and sparks student learning.

I've changed blog names a couple times, just about every time I came back from a hiatus, which as you may or may not know, is not good for a blogger. I started off as Wiggins World, then switched to Sweet Teach Third, and finally ended up with Having Class. I promise I won't change my name again! I will stay here and be easy to find.

I grew up in Virginia and I teach in the same county I graduated from. I did my graduate internship in 3rd grade at a wonderful school and ended up being hired for 3rd grade at that very same school the next year. It was such a blessing and the best transition into teaching anyone could ask for; a team of people I know and a classroom full of materials.

I honestly love teaching more every day. Even though ever-increasing policies and assessments make the job stressful, the kids always make it worth it in the end. I may not get paid like a rockstar, but I can not think of a more important job than educating and molding the future generation to be kind, thoughtful human beings.

I have been with my amazing husband for a decade. We have a beautiful genius-girl and another on the way, but our first was our cuddly giant, Teddy. I look forward to getting to know and learn from you as we embark on our bloggy journey together.

I opened my TPT store in 2011 as a way to share my resources and get involved in the online teaching community. Since then, TPT has sky-rocketed, I've made wonderful friendships, and the extra income has really blessed my family. I tend to create things that I need for my classroom, so all of my products are personal to me. From viewing some of my best-sellers below, you can see that my passion is reading and interactive notebooking. I can't wait to see where this journey continues to take me.

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