Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Best of Pinterest: Classroom Organization

Like most teachers, I get way too excited about classroom organization. During the summer I become a crazy Pinterest hoarder and find all the best ideas to add to my Classroom Organization board. I wanted to share with you the 5 best classroom organization pins I have come across on Pinterest lately.

1. Number Cabinets
This blog post from Controlling My Choas has a bunch of other great organizing tips as well. I love this idea on numbering cabinets to tell students exactly where to find things and to leave exact notes for subs.

2.Student Mailboxes
This beautiful creation is from Learning in Wonderland. Not only is the way the papers are trapped in the drawers and not spilling out wonderful, but the labels make it look so organized.

3. Anchor Chart Storage
This brilliant idea to use a trash can to store rolled up anchor charts comes from Mary at Teaching with a Mountain View. This is such a smart idea! I love reusing my charts and hate recreating them every year.

4. Sentence Strip Storage
Catherine at the Brown Bag Teacher uses command hooks to hang her number lines. This is genius! I hate storing my sentence strips because they are so awkwardly shaped. Hanging a set of strips so that none are lost is a great idea.

5. Living Classroom Calendar

This is actually one of my ideas. I absolutely love my dry erase calendar. I set it up at the beginning of every month and the kids use it as much as I do. I blogged about it in more detail here.

I am currently obsessed with finding new classroom organization ideas for next year. I try to have everything already laid out and organized in my mind before I even step foot back in my classroom to set it up. If you have a genius organization idea, please share! Link your organization Pinterest Board or blog post below.

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