Saturday, July 9, 2016

Quick Tips: Classroom Organization

As I dig through pictures of my old classrooms to get ideas for setting up my new space later this summer, I keep finding some really great ideas that I forgot about. I thought I would share some organization tips that worked for me in the past and might work for me (and hopefully you) in the future. Enjoy!

Color-Coded Center Organization
This first picture shows how I used to organize centers when I was math workshop and reading workshop queen. The back row of book boxes are math centers. The front row of paper sorting bins are reading centers. The colors for each bin represent the level (although that wasn't advertised to the kids). On the white board next to this shelf, there was a color coded list of names for reading and math, so students always knew which color to grab for what subject.

Small Group Separation
Occasionally, I would have little fights or frustrations break out during reading or math small groups because of table space. Messy kids would have their things spilling all over and neat kids would have no tolerance for it. I used washi tape to separate my table into six spaces and it worked beautifully. Plus, it was super easy to assign spaces during groups if there were students that needed to be separated.

Use Numbers, Not Names
This picture shows my book boxes and unfinished work bins from this past year. I used number labels vs. name labels for a couple reasons:
1. If they held up (which they did on the bins) I wouldn't have to replace them this year.
2. It helps students always put things back in the right order/spot.
3. I could start labeling things right away and not have to wait for my class list.

Let me know of any oragnization tips that you swear by, I would love to find new tricks!

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