Saturday, July 25, 2015

Step Your Game Up #LikeaBOSS TPT Products Musts

I'm back with another post in my Blogger to Blogger Series. Today is all about how to step your game up #LikeaBOSS! If you own a TPT store, then you are a boss and there are some things you should be doing.
(The first post in this series can be found here.)

Here are some quick ideas to consider doing with your products if you are not already:

Tell buyers how they can use your product. To get ideas for writing your terms of use, look at how the sellers you buy from did it.

Make sure to mention:
-Who owns the rights to your work (you)
-Buyers don't have permission to distribute as their own
-Buyers purchased a license for single-classroom use
-Additional licenses should be purchased for multi-classroom use

Put your name ON EVERY PAGE of your product. You can make it 5pt font, or gray vs. black so it is less noticeable, but put your name on it! You can layer it behind text, but on most pages it should be visible. Make sure to lock it down before uploading to your store.

Here's why this is important:
-No one can copy and redistribute your pages as their own
-Buyers know who you are and where to find you when they are in need of more items and forget where they got the one they love so much

*In my periscope about this, someone asked me if they should put their blog/store name or their real name. Another "scoper" commented that they do both, this is an option. I always just use my real name. Your blog/store name may change or be trademarked by someone else, but your birth name never will.

Here's What:
-Thank whoever you bought the font and clipart from (this is required by most clipart/font sellers even when you buy a commercial use license).
-You can put your terms of use here.
-ADVERTISE! This is free advertisement for your store. Add some product pictures and link to correlated products in your store.
-Leave contact information for how they can find you across all social media platforms.
-Write a short personal note about yourself or the product.
-Insert this page right after the title page (not at the very end of the document), so people can't miss it.

My template looks like:

Longer products especially need a table of contents to help buyers navigate. If at all possible, make your table of contents available to buyers before they buy the products. This will eliminate frustrated buyers who thought they were getting something they weren't. A table of contents makes it very clear what is on each page.

Here's where you could include your table of contents (in addition to inside the product):
-TPT description page
-Product preview download
-Product preview images

Captivate buyers with your cover. If someone searches "Grammar Interactive Notebook", and you have one, what is going to make your cover stand out above the rest? The cover image gets them to your store and then your preview and description seal the deal. I have been spending time making over my covers lately and it has really paid off with sales. I have moved to a more clean, easy to read, simple look and have received a great response. Sometimes with too much on a page, people get overwhelmed and keep scrolling.

Not only is the description page of the TPT website your place to really sell your product (which it is, so describe in detail and make it sound great), but it can also be a place to sell you.

Here are some other things to include on your product description page:
-Links to similar products in your store
-Links to find you (Blog, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook)
-Links to specific blog posts where you showed your product in use in your own classroom or gave a more detailed look into the product

Well, there you have it! Step your TPT Teacher-Preneur game up and #BeaBOSS! 

I am still learning myself and would love any tips you have.
Please comment below if I left something out.

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  1. Great post, Adrienne! Your TOU page is wonderful. In August I am planning on redoing all of mine to include all of my social media information, right now I only have my blog on (UGH. Always something to do!!). Mine have also been at the end of my products, but I think a lot of people probably have wasted ink accidentally printing them. Thanks for the burst of inspiration this morning :-)

    1. Thanks, Kelly! You are so right, there is always something to do! I need to go back and update a bunch of my products as well!


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