Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sunday Smorgasbord: Toddler Travel

Happy Sunday! Today I am linking up with Michelle from Fabulous in First. Since we are Myrtle Beach bound in 3 days (YAY!) I decided to focus my randomness on traveling with a toddler. You see, I've never actually traveled with a toddler. I am relying on the expertise out in bloggy-land to help me out with some great advice and tips. We live in Northern Virginia and it will take us 7 hours to reach Myrtle Beach, SC. Our baby girl is 15 months and the longest car ride she's ever been on was about an hour. Traffic in the DC/MD/VA area can be AWFUL and while she normally just sleeps or babbles, sometimes she gets frustrated. We are talking VERY frustrated, like whaling at the top of her lungs, throwing toys frustrated.

That being said I did my research on toddler travel and came up with some tips I will be following:
1. Drive while they are sleeping.
2. If you come to a scheduled stop and they aren't awake, KEEP GOING!
3. Activities. A lot of activities. Fun activities. Engaging activities. New activities.

With tip #3 in mind, I headed off to one of my favorite stores, The Dollar Tree, to stock up. Here's what I found:

Yes, that is a dog collar. My daughter LOVES buckles. She actually throws a fit when it is time to take her out of a shopping cart because she loves trying to click and unclick the buckle. Don't worry, I cut the leash in half so there is no way she could wrap it around anything. Plus, there is even a little bell on the collar! I know I probably sound really weird, but it should buy us at least 20 minutes.

Please, Please, Please give me any advice you have that works. Is there anything I'm forgetting? Is their a favorite car or beach activity that your toddler loved?

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  1. I love your ideas! And how cute is your blog? Thanks for linking up!