Thursday, February 13, 2014

Come One, Come All

Hello! My name is Adrienne and I teach third grade in Virginia. I used to have a very active blog titled "Wiggins World" which became very unactive as time went on. I am now a mom (which is amazing!), but I have probably only posted on my blog 2-3 times in the last year! Yes, I said year. I am constantly being inundated with teacher-style inspiration through blogs, Teachers Pay Teachers, and Pinterest. I have finally let all of this inspiration inspire me to get up and get back on "the scene". So, here I am.

I decided to start a brand new blog with a brand new...what's the word...vibe, flow, rhythm? I have grown so much while I was MIA and I want to start fresh. I plan to blog about my teaching ideas, share happenings from my classroom, inform on products I've bought and created, and just generally motivate all of my readers. I will occasionally re-post from my old blog (with a disclaimer), no need to throw out the baby with the bath water, right? My goal is to be a benefit to my profession while having a great time.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope to hear from you and see you again soon!

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